Roster Day information

If your Unit/District is interested in participating in one of the Roster Days, please contact Outdoor Roster Administrator Jessamyn Daniels on

At this Stage, the only roster activities available is Archery If you would like other canoeing, Abseiling, Low ropes please contact the Outdoors Roster Admin with the date and place you would like your activity and they will see if there are any instructors available.

Archery Roster Dates for 2022.

  • To be confirmed

Please provide the following information when contacting the Roster Coordinator

  • Name of Group:
  • District
  • Region
  • Contact Person- email and phone number
  • Age group and approx. numbers of participants 5-9, 10-13, 14-17
  • Number of Adults who will be in attendance.

Note Participant limits

  • No more than 20 participants for Canoeing, Archery, Low ropes
  • 15 participants for Abseiling
  • 12 participants for paddle boarding.

Session Times

  • To be Confirmed