Adventurous Activities

Adventurous activities contain a significant element of risk to those taking part. Adventurous activities can be enjoyed safely by all members simply by following the guidelines and procedures in the GGA Activities Manual and following the steps to plan an Adventurous Activity.

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Safety rules apply to all members at all times and are to be strictly observed. This can save lives and also protect Leaders from litigation.
Guides Australia requires the Leader-in-charge (LiC) to have specific knowledge and skills relevant to the activity or to ensure that the instructors have such knowledge and skills.

Adventurous Activities only become dangerous when safe practice and standard operating procedures are ignored. Safety, challenge and fun must be correctly balanced so that participants are adequately safeguarded and will achieve maximum benefit from the experience. Although the need for encouragement is recognised, individuals are not to be pressed if they choose not to participate in an activity.
Leadership, equipment and preparation must be of a very high standard.

There are a range of activities which do not involve the same degree of risk as Adventurous Activities but for which Girl Guides Queensland has developed activity guidelines. These are called not-so-Adventurous Activities. 

It is the responsibility of the LiC to ensure safekeeping of forms. Check with your District Manager for the latest Guides Queensland Records Retention and Disposal Schedule.