Girl Guides Queensland SES Program

This Program is designed to expand our Guides’ knowledge and understanding of the crucial role the SES plays during times of need. Guides will learn new skills and participate in challenges related to SES volunteering and community preparedness for critical events. 

Girl-led Action on Climate Change  

Climate change remains the most significant global threat to human life. And it is women and girls who currently suffer the worst impacts. Using the new WAGGGS curriculum, we are educating tens of thousands of girls and young women on climate change and its gender dimension.

Her Story Our Story 

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign calling for an end to violence against women and girls. It takes place every year and begins on the 25th November, the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and finishes on Human Rights Day, the 10th of December.


Home | 1 Million Women

We are women and girls from every corner of the planet building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis. Join the movement.

Action Days - United Nations International Days and Years
The United Nations (UN) has dedicated a set of days, weeks and years to help focus on important topics in which the organisation has interest and commitment. Over the years WAGGGS has adopted many of the Action Days as a time to advocate on issues of concern to girls and young women.

 Service Projects

Service Opportunities

Giving service encourages a sense of community and is a fundamental part of the Australian Guide Program. Please visit Resources for ideas and resources for service opportunities.

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