Triple Treat

The Triple Treat Badge is a fantastic way to encourage Girl Guides to introduce their friends into Guiding and help increase membership.  The responsibility and administration requirements of the badge of will be conducted by Units and Districts.
The badges are to be ordered through Guide Supplies shop at no cost to the Units/Districts (Exc shipping) to manage internally.  The Triple Treat Badge, which can be worn on the sash, is awarded to a Girl Guide each time she invites a friend to her Unit and in turn that friend become a Member. A Triple Treat Certificate can also be issued to the Girl Guide with the badge. A Friendship Badge is presented to a new member and can be attached to the Guide's bag and blanket. A Welcome Note can also be issued to the Girl Guide with the badge.  

Download the QP.ME.06 Triple Treat Fact Sheet for 2018
To order badges, visit

Leaders may also choose to print certificates and welcome notes to present with the badges.
Download the QP.ME.04 A5 First Triple Treat certificate template
Download the QP.ME.05 A5 Triple Treat (additional Scoop) certificate template
Download the QP.ME.07 A6 Welcome Notes