World Guiding


pdf 2022 World Thinking Day activity pack

pdf QP.PR.123 World Flag Skit
Activity and program idea. Make a world flag. For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.124 The World Trefoil and World Flag
Learn the symbiology of the world trefoil and world flag through this pamphlet. For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.125 The Melbourne Cup
Information and program ideas for ages 5-15.

 QP.PR.126 Story of Sadako
Information about Sadako for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.127 Make Your Own Origami Crane
Instructions on how to make origami cranes for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.128 MDG3 Barriers Wide Game
Gender equality and empowerment program activity for ages 14-18.


pdf QP.PR.129 Japan
Games, craft and recipes (Queens Guide submission). For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.130 Scottish games
Activities (Queens Guide submission) for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.131 New Zealand
Games, craft and recipes (Queens Guide submission). For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.132 Peru
Games, craft and recipes (Queens Guide submission). For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.133 Scotland
Games, craft and recipes (Queens Guide submission). For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.134 Singapore
Games, craft and recipes (BP submission). For all ages.

pdf QP.PR.135 Easter Traditions Around the World
Easter activities for ages 5-10.

pdf QP.PR.135 Ice Floe
Activity about trust and friendship for all ages.