Guiding Traditions


pdf QP.PR.103 Flying the Flag - The State of Queensland Flag

pdf QP.PR.104 Australian Government - Excerpt from Australian Flags


pdf QP.PR.105 Exploring Our Heritage (For Districts)
Create-a-Challenge Badge idea for a Unit or Patrol ages 10-15

pdf QP.PR.106 Brownie Ring Ceremony
A Unit ceremony for ages 5-10.

pdf QP.PR.107 About the Four World Centres
Information on the Four World Centres with promotional interest activities.

pdf QP.PR.108 Friendship Knot
Information on the friendship knot for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.109 Kims Game Notebook Page
Information on the history of Kims Game for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.110 Kims Game
Ideas for Kims Game setup for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.111 The Left Handshake
Information on the history of the left-handshake for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.112 Tracking Signs
Diagrams of tracking signs for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.113 Folding, Carrying and Hoisting Colours
Information on flag ceremony for ages 10-18.


pdf QP.PR.114 World Centres Bingo
A Unit activity for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.115 Guiding Traditions Bingo
A Unit activity for 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.116 Links of Unity Bingo
A Unit activity for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.117 Semaphore Whispers
A Unit or Wide Game activity for ages 14-18.

pdf QP.PR.118 Making Semaphore Flags
Making the flags for Semaphore Whispers ages 14-18.

pdf QP.PR.119 Good Turn Caterpillar
A Unit activity for ages 5-10.

pdf QP.PR.120 Good Turn Kite
A Unit activity for ages 5-10.

pdf QP.PR.121 The Turks Head Knot
A Patrol or Unit activity for ages 14-18.

pdf QP.PR.122 Mini Gadgets
A Unit or Patrol camp activity for ages 14-18.