pdf QP.PR.137 GGQ SES badge program
This Program is designed to expand our Guides’ knowledge and understanding of the crucial role the SES plays during times of need. Guides will learn new skills and participate in challenges related to SES volunteering and community preparedness for critical events.

pdf QP.PR.96 Community Service
Suggested list of community services, program ideas for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.97 Following Instructions
Learn to follow instructions, activity for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.98 Guide of Dunkirk
Learn the history of service through this pamphlet. For ages 14-18.


pdf QP.PR.99 Have a Pamper Day
Unit activity to appreciate a service for ages 14-18.

pdf QP.PR.100 Under the Water Widegame
Learn about service and caring for ages 5-10.

pdf QP.PR.101 5 Senses Night
Unit activity to engage 5 senses, program ideas for ages 5-10.

pdf QP.PR.102 The ANZACs Wide Game
Great Big Program Share. Contribution from 9th Townsville Guides / Southern Townsville / Flinders. Suitable for ages 9-14.