Patrol System


pdf QP.PR.69 The Dangerous Cake Recipe
Make a mug-cake, for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.70 Alien Guiding Widegame
Learn how to plan and play a wide game for ages 5-10.
pdf QP.PR.71 Survival Snapshots
Patrol activity for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.72 Who Am I
Break the ice idea for new patrol groups ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.73 Dirty and Messy Night
Preparation and instructions for a variety of fun and messy games for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.74 Olympic Games
Preparation and instructions for a Guide Olympics for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.75 Playdough Pictionary
Make a picture with playdough. Dough recipe included. For all ages.


pdf QP.PR.76 Natural Face Masks
Skin care activity for ages 14-18.

pdf QP.PR.77 All Tied Up
Game to welcome new members to Unit for ages 10-18.

pdf QP.PR.78 Making A Phone Tree
Create a list of patrol members and Unit leaders for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.79 Patrol Camping
Plan, prepare and go on a patrol camp for ages 14-18.

pdf QP.PR.80 Patrol Corners
Patrol pride activity for all ages.

pdf QP.PR.81 Fear Factor
Scary challenges for patrol competition for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.82 Patrol Widegame
Patrol pride activity for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.83 Celebrity Widegame
Wide game for a patrol or Unit for ages 10-15.

pdf QP.PR.84 Circus Widegame
Patrol game for ages 10-15.