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Total Girl Indoor Activity Book

Tips and Tricks for Guiding Lones Style

While we are working together and learning about the challenges of delivering an exciting and interesting program using flexible Guiding, you may find this link useful. You may notice that it is based on the school curriculum so the girls will more than likely be exposed to these subjects at school.


I would suggest that if you would like to use the information provided, it could be a base for a particular topic that you can build on and develop into an appropriate program for your Guides and their interests. To encourage further development of the Guides understanding perhaps it could be helpful for the Guides to use this as part of their girl led programming.


Tech Girl Movement

Tech Girls is an organisation that:

  • Helps girls get excited and connected with technology in a way that is meaningful and life - changing
  • Gives every girl the opportunity to participate in the Tech Girls Movement Foundation and realise their potential to lead

GGQ is partnering with Tech Girls Movement Foundation for this year’s group competition.

This awesome competition encourages Girls (in a small team during a 12 - week program) to get involved in STEM, by designing and developing their very own problem - solving Application.

Resource One
Invitation - Registration and Entry details from Program Coordinator - Lisa Devereaux

Resource Two
Program Snapshot - find out what’s happening in the twelve week program

Resource Three
Important Dates - find out all of the important milestones from Program Launch to Winner’s Presentation

Resource Four
Mentoring - everything you need to know about playing your part as a program Mentor

For any further information, visit the TGM website at https://www.techgirlsmovement.org


Powerpoint resources

The following Resource PowerPoints have been provided by our Lones Guides Team to assist in the delivery of Guiding programs remotely.

These will be some of many resources created in the coming weeks.

Have some fun, inject some of your personal flare and please adapt them to suit your needs.

Resource One
Create a Challenge - Up and Away

Resource Two
Emergency Badge - Bandaging

Resource Three
Emergency Badge - Emergency Services

Resource Four
Emergency Badge - Fire Safety

Resource Five
Pet Badge - Sharing Your Pet

Resource Six
Space Badge - Out of this World