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Some important information before you join

  • The following online registration requires you to provide information about the person joining Girl Guides and should be completed by a Parent or Guardian. The application should take 5–10 mins, and needs to be completed in one sitting.  
  • Information you will require to complete this form includes:
  • Name of the Unit that the applicant is joining;
  • Details of any health or assistance requirements;
  • Names and phone numbers of contacts;
  • Credit/Debit card details for the annual membership fee payment.

By completing this form, you confirm that the applicant is between 5 and 17 years of age and has either attended 3 free trial visits to a Guide Unit or you have spoken to a Volunteer Guide Unit Leader and confirmed that a vacancy is available. They have also discussed any other costs involved other than annual membership fees.

If this is not the case, please DO NOT complete this application. Instead complete an enquiry form here or call us on 07 3357 1266 to discuss. This will avoid any disappointment should you join a Unit where there are no vacancies, and your application can not be accepted.

  • NB: Residents in Qld wishing to use their $150 Fair Play Voucher towards membership fees, must upload their voucher during the online registration process and before completing any debit/credit card payments online.  Any invalid vouchers will not be accepted. 

What is a FairPlay Voucher?  Each year FairPlay supports Queensland parents and guardians with children aged 5-17 to receive a voucher valued up to $150.   The Qld Government program is aimed at helping Queenslanders with cost-of-living pressures.  For more information and to check eligibility visit the Qld Gov website.  

Membership Prices vary depending on the number of members from one family attending Guides.  If you already have 2 or more daughters attending, and another daughter is about to join, please have current membership numbers ready before starting the application process.
Youth Member – first & second daughter joining
Youth Member - third daughter joining
Youth Member – fourth or more daughter joining

The Lones Units were established for members who live in remote areas or are unable to attend Guide meetings locally for a variety of reasons.   Therefore, Lones membership fees are reduced. 
Youth Member - Lones group first & second daughter joining
Youth Member - Lones group third daughter joining
Youth Member - Lones group fourth or more daughter joining

Please note there are no refunds on membership fees once paid.

Welcome to Girl Guides QLD!

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