Aged 18 to 30

Olaves are young women who wish to be a Guide as an Adult Member

The Olave Program is for members of Guiding in Australia aged 18-30, and focuses on the three aspects of community, adventure and self-development. Olaves take opportunities to: Make a positive difference in their communities through volunteering.service and advocacy;
Challenge themselves through new experiences especially in theoutdoors and internationally;
Develop skills and knowledge to enable them to grow as individuals.

The Olave Program is underpinned by the Guide Promise and Law and the innovations and traditions of Australian Guiding.
The Olave Program is flexible in that it adapts to suit the needs of its members and is governed entirely by those members. Olaves members form self-governed peer groups who plan, implement and participate in scheduled activities.

 Alternatively, members can participate and represent Guiding and young women as an individual in local, State or National events.
The peak achievement award is the Olave Baden-Powell Award.

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The Trefoil Guild

Open to women over 18 years of age

 If your time for regular Guiding is limited because of study, training, career, family or other responsibilities and you wish to keep your link with Guiding, then Trefoil Guild may be just the fit for you!
Trefoil Guild links members with Guide Leaders, Commissioners and Support Group members, women members of the Scout Association, and women who have made the Guide Promise.

"Dual Trefoil Guild Members" are women who hold qualifications or appointments with Girl Guides Queensland or the Scout Association or are active Support Group/District Support Team members who have made the Guide Promise.
Former members of member countries of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) now residing in Australia are also able to join Trefoil Guild.

For enquires please contact Qld Trefoil Guild Adviser email: trefoilguild@guidesqld.org

A Trefoil Guild is a self governing body and is financially self supporting. Each Trefoil Guild is responsible for planning  the program, deciding the meeting times and places, and how best it can further it's aims.

Through membership of Girl Guides Queensland, Trefoil Guild's build support for Guiding and create an influence for good in the community. Through the spirit of the Guide Promise members contribute to a better understanding of people throughout the world. There are opportunities to attend State and National Gatherings and members enjoy the wider association with former Guides and Scouts in the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides (IFSG).