Girl Guides Queensland Annual Report

The Girl Guides Queensland Annual Report is available for downloading.

Read about the exciting activities and events that have happened throughout the year.

Girl Guides Queensland produces an Annual Report (for the calendar year between January through to December) which discusses all the major developments in Guiding during that period of time.

The 2021 Annual Report can be downloaded as PDF files as well as the Finance Chair Report.


QP.GP.18 GGQ Annual Report 2021

QP.GP.19 GGQ Concise Financial Statements 2021

Previous Annual Reports; 


QP.GP.15 GGQ Annual Report 2020

QP.GP.16 GGQ Concise Financial Statements 2020



QP.GP.12 GGQ Annual Report 2019

QP.GP.13 GGQ Concise Financial Statements 2019

GGQ Finance Chair Report 2019