Lones Guide (All Ages)
Queensland Lones Region operates Units to cater for girls and women of all ages who are unable to participate in Unit meetings due to distance, illness or other commitments.

Lone Guides are the same as other Guides in that they are a member of a Unit which follows the Australian Guide Program. It is the way Lones communicate and undertake activities that is different. Unit communication may take the form of paper correspondence, internet communication or a mixture of medias.

Girls and Women who do not face a distance challenge, are also welcome to join Lones. These members typically face their own challenges: a heavy study workload at school or college, employment commitments, Guide meeting times where they live clash with other important commitments, they are sick and/or often in hospital, they belong to a group of itinerant workers (fruit-pickers or show people for example) or they are the only Guide in their group in that age-group.

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