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Girl Guides Queensland is the largest youth organisation for girls and young women in Queensland with almost 4000 youth Members and 1,000 volunteer Leaders and adult Members. 
Guiding provides an all-female, non-competitive learning environment where girls and women can challenge themselves, find their voice, and meet new friends.  

We welcome members from the age of 5 up to 100+ to join our Guiding Community. Learn more About Us.

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Youth Member (5-17 years)
As well as having a fun time, Guiding provides opportunities for youth to: 
  • Identify values, speak out and take action
  • Explore and be curious 
  • Seek to build networks or relationships and to collaborate with your peers 
  • Make positive choices for health and well being   
  • Advocate for girls and young women to make their own decisions   
  • Actively evaluate the impact of decisions and actions of others 
  • Communicate, work, and reflect effectively with each other 
  • Empower every Guide to practice leadership 
Youth members are given the opportunity to attend 4 free trial meetings before needing to pay the annual membership fee.  The annual membership fee is 12 months from the join date. Youth members must identify as female and be aged 5-17. 

Financial assistance is available to parents, grandparents and guardians to be used towards youth membership fees through the following Government organisation’s
Fair Play Voucher
Grandparents Scheme

Adult Member (18+ years)
There are so many different roles to choose from in Guiding – you can work with girls and young women or as a support to those working with You can choose to be a part of an Olave Group, Trefoil Guild or Lone Guides.

Guides provides you with the opportunity to experience:
  • a sense of belonging as part of a global community of Guides and Guide Leaders 
  • connection, friendship, and a chance to grow your network 
  • new personal challenges, skills, and experiences  
  • being a role model for girls and young women 
  • being part of positive change in your community 
  • an opportunity to create a space where girls can be who they want to be 
We offer a national online learning program called e-Guiding which provides essential training to support volunteers on a leadership journey if they choose.
Adult members must identify as female and be aged 18+.

Adult members are required to pay an annual membership fee and must have a Blue Card and National Police Check prior to working with youth members.

Lone Guide Member (All ages)
Guiding also accommodates for youth and adult members who are unable to attend meetings due to distance, illness, or other commitments.

Lone Guide members pay an annual membership fee.

QP.ME.01 Lones Brochure

Olave Member (18-30 years)
The Olave Program is a non-formal flexible framework that supports young women to engage with their community, undertake adventures, and grow through self-development. Facilitated by peer leaders and informal mentors, the program enables young women to be empowered decision-makers within their world.

Organised into peer groups young women can decide how to engage in the program, in a way that works for them. Some peer groups meet monthly, while others meet at events or around particular activities of interest. Olaves can be Members of multiple peer groups and can also participate independently. Some Olaves may choose to be an adult volunteer as well, while others solely enjoy the rich experiences and opportunities the Olave Program offers them.

Olave members pay the adult annual membership fee.

Trefoil Guild Member (18+ years)
Trefoil Guild looks to connect women who are either actively involved in Guiding or have a history with Guiding. If you are living in Australia and may have been a member of Guiding in another country, you are still welcome to join a Guild here in Australia.

Trefoil Guild is a wonderful way for former or current Guiding women to continue to live by the Guide Promise and maintain friendships formed during years of active service with the movement.  Each Guild plans its own programs, and the time, place, and frequency of meetings are determined by the Guild Members.

Trefoil Guild members pay an annual membership fee.

Casual Volunteer or Ongoing Volunteer
There are many roles that can be performed in your own time or as a special project thus providing a valuable contribution. Annual membership is not required if you wish to be a Casual Volunteer.

Share your special interest or skill with Guides and build your network in your community!

Here are a few ways you could support Guiding:
  • Unit/District volunteer support person – assisting Leaders with tasks such as – shopping, banking and account keeping, newsletters, administration, program activity preparation
  • Occasional helper – how often you help at a Guide meeting is up to you, you may be part of a parent or helper roster
  • Guest speaker, facilitator or presenter
  • Fundraising
  • Promotion /marketing
  • Catering for large or small events
  • Property or Guide Hall maintenance or management
  • District Support Group member
  • Committee member in your area of expertise
  • Helping at events
  • Auditor
  • Treasurer
Casual Volunteers are not required to pay an annual membership fee and are only required to have a Blue Card and National Police Check after working with youth members for more than 4 times within 12 months. If this is the case, you would then need to become an Ongoing Volunteer.