Chief Executive Officer

Kim Harrington

  • Board, Volunteer, SGGO’s & GGA Committees
  • Partnerships & finance
  • Personnel & Office
  • Policy, complaints, Risk & Governance
  • Strategic and operational plans

Accounts Officer

  • Accounts (Payable/ Receivable)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • District/Region Audits
  • Fair Play Vouchers
Admin Officer
  • Admin support to volunteer functions (events, training, meetings, adult awards)
  • Bookings for Guide House, Marsden
  • Youth Award processing
  • Seek Advertising for Volunteers Roles
Adult Learning Support Manager
  • Volunteer Learning Support Management
  • Member of Hub (Volunteer team)

Business Services Manager

  • Finance & Insurance management and reporting
  • Payroll & Supplier management
  • District bank accounts
  • Reshaping Revenue Project

Digital Projects Manager

  • Digital Transformation Project

Digital Officer

  • Digital platforms management
  • Website Management
  • Database maintenance & Dashboard monitoring
  • Initial training on GGQ email, SharePoint, Office 365

Events Officer

  • Event organisation and administration
  • Administration for Training
Executive Assistant
  • Assistant to the CEO
Fundraising Admin Officer
  • Admin assistance for Grants
  • Fundraising campaigns

Grants Officer

  • Grants database & reporting
  • Grant management including acquittals
  • Identify & assist District grant application
  • State Office grant applications

Membership Manager

  • Child Safe Child Friendly Implementation
  • Membership processing, support & queries
  • Privacy Officer
  • Fair Play Voucher redemption and allocation
  • Archives support
  • Support Group AGM report processing

Membership Officer

  • Membership processing, enquiries, payments
  • Membership renewals and updates
  • eGuiding administration
  • Blue Card and National Police Check
Property Manager
  • Management of Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sports Grant (DTIS)
  • State and Local Government liaison
  • Property Insurance process and claims
  • Property management and maintenance

Property Officer

  • Property compliance - LTO, FHA, BSMR
  • Property Administration
Social Media Officer
  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram etc.
  •  Administration & State Office Support
  • Publications - State Matters, QoTG

Volunteer Support Officer

  • Child Safe Child Friendly Compliance support
  • District Manager mentor support including SharePoint and DM@ emails
  • Membership support
  • Blue Card and National Police Check
  • Property compliance administration support
  • Accounts administration support

Tech Support Team
- MGI South QLD

  • Modern Authentication, Email issues for including suspected spam
  • General IT Support for members using GGQ equipment
  • Office 365 support after training completed with Digital Officer