Upcoming Events

State and National events, gatherings, camps, conferences and activities.
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IconEventLocationEvent Start DateRegistration End DateStatus
Kuungana Olave Conference (National Olave Virtual Meet-up)Guides Queensland State Office07 Jul 1816 Jun 2018EV1804
Region Managers ConferenceGuides Queensland State Office21 Jul 1824 Jun 2018EV1805
Chain of Cardboard CitiesPGL Kindilan18 Aug 1822 Jul 2018EV1806
'Make a Splash' - GGQ Olave Program ConferenceGarradunga Girl Guide Campsite28 Sep 1817 Aug 2018EV1807


Upcoming Training

Available for Guide Leaders, Prospective Leaders, Junior Leaders, Managers, Trainers, Assistants, Learning Partners and Helpers!


Keeping Children Safe (KCS)

Keeping Children Safe (KCS) is a compulsory training for all Girl Guide Queensland staff, members and volunteers.
The revised KCS course is a user-friendly interactive, self-paced online training to help in understanding the Child Protection laws and how they apply to Girl Guides. In this course you will discover your rights and responsibilities under the Child Protection laws and become familiar with the Child Protection policies, procedures and strategies of Girl Guides Australia and Girl Guides Queensland.
Click Here for instructions about how to access KCS training on the new E-Learning platform.

Guiding Orientation (GO) Webinar

This webinar is a compulsory component of Leader qualifications. Please choose a date and time that suits you then download the instructions on how to log in on your device. 2018 - Please Note: All times are in Queensland Standard Time


23rd (Saturday) - 3pm


4th (Wednesday) - 9pm
19th (Thursday) - 9pm

6th (Monday) - 8pm
19th (Sunday) - 8pm

7th (Friday) - 9pm

11th (Thursday) - 8pm
29th (Monday) - 7pm

7th (Wednesday) - 8pm
18th (Sunday) - 7pm

Instructions for the GO Webinar (computer/laptop)
Instructions for the GO Webinar (mobile devices)

Minimising Operational Risk (MOR) Webinar

This webinar is a compulsory component of Manager qualifications.Please choose a date and time that suits you then download the instructions on how to log in on your device.

14th Saturday 4.30 pm

29th Wednesday 3.00 pm

13th Thursday 12:30 pm

October 19th

Friday 7.00 pm


11th Sunday 4.00 pm

Instructions for the MOR webinar (computer/laptop)
Instructions for the MOR Webinar (smartphone/tablet)
IconCourseLocationTraining Start DateRegistration End DateStatus
Andrew Petrie Region GatheringBoomajarril Campsite23 Jun 1810 Jun 2018LD18RT09
Tropical North Region GatheringGarradunga Campsite23 Jun 1810 Jun 2018LD18RT10
Major Mitchell Region GatheringDalby Guide Hut30 Jun 1810 Jun 2018LD18RT11
Expedition Leader/Light WeightDalby Guide Hut01 Jul 1810 Jun 2018LD18OS06
First AidJindalee Guide Hut07 Jul 1830 Jun 2018LD18FA04
Youth Leadership SkillsKooyalee Outdoor Education Centre13 Jul 1824 Jun 2018LD18YT03
Leadership Qualification (6 week course)Aspley Guide Hut26 Jul 1808 Jul 2018LD18LQ07
Leadership QualificationPGL Kindilan04 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18LQ08
Management QualificationPGL Kindilan04 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18MQ02
Management QualificationSouth Rockhampton Guide Hut04 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18MQ03
Youth Leadership SkillsPGL Kindilan04 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18YT04
Camp SkillsPGL Kindilan04 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18OS07
Learning PartnerGGQ State Office04 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18LQ09
Learning PartnerGGQ State Office05 Aug 1808 Jul 2018LD18LQ10
Gold Coast Region GatheringSouthport Guide Hut11 Aug 1815 Jul 2018LD18RT12
Moogerah Region GatheringNorth Ipswich Guide Hut18 Aug 1822 Jul 2018LD18RT13
Presenting with PizzazzPGL Kindilan (Brownie Cottage)18 Aug 1822 Jul 2018 LD18TR02
Dalrymple Region GatheringNorthern Beaches Guide Hut25 Aug 1829 Jul 2018LD18RT14
Archery (New Instructor or Refresher Course)PGL Kindilan25 Aug 1805 Aug 2018LD18OS08
First AidShailer Park Guide Hut08 Sep 1826 Aug 2018LD18FA05