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Welcome to Girl Guides Queensland

Girl Guides Queensland is the largest youth organisation for girls and young women in Queensland with almost 5000 youth Members and 1000 volunteer Leaders and adult Members.
We provide a non-formal educational program designed to create leaders of tomorrow by building on strengths and personal skills development.
This program is flexible and can be designed to suit each individual youth Member and adult Members goals.
We are an organisation that welcomes and actively seeks members from all racial, ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups.

Girl Guides Queensland is a Member of Girl Guides Australia and of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and a member of Queensland Youth Alliance (QYA)

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Guiding in Queensland

Guiding in Queensland was established in 1919 due to the demand from girls wanting to become Girl Guides.
All the activities the Guides do, from weekly meetings, camps, expeditions and hikes, are driven by the Guides themselves with input and assistance from their Leaders, and are planned to match the Guides abilities.
As part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), each Guide is a privileged sister in a sisterhood of ten million Guides worldwide, the world's largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women.

Girl Guides Queensland is made up of 16 Regions, which contain over 140 Districts throughout Queensland. Each District may be made up of several multi-aged Units, with youth members aged 5 to 17, Leaders (18+) and Junior Leaders (14-17) in various roles.

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What costs are involved?
Membership fees are paid annually to Guides Queensland State Office. These cover membership of the State Girl Guide organisation, Girl Guides Australia and the WAGGGS as well as insurance and access to Guiding resources. Annual membership is great value, and is set by each state and territory each year.

website Join Us - for more information on joining, membership fees, uniform costs and subscriptions.

State Good Turn
What is the State Good Turn?
A Good Turn, to aid or offer support without thought of thanks or reward, is a quintessential part of Guiding.
The idea of a State wide Good Turn for every member of Queensland to unite and take part in was officially supported in 1961.

A non-profit charity or fundraising cause or appeal is identified as an entity that would directly and immediately benefit from Guiding Service recognised as a Good Turn. This is promoted to Guiding members as their State Good Turn and members are encouraged to support the cause in various ways.

For more information on the history of the State Good Turn please contact Girl Guides Queensland.

The State Good Turn for 2017 is:

Donating to charities that support and assist girls and women escaping domestic violence.

Please view State Good Turn 2017 for suggested contacts and more information. Please note: information is for Members only.

Child Protection
It is the policy of Girl Guides Queensland to safeguard the welfare and safety of its members while participating in Guiding activities. Girl Guides Queensland takes all reasonable steps to ensure that, through relevant procedures and training, children, young people and adults taking part in Guiding activities do so in a safe and friendly environment.
All Girl Guides Queensland Leaders complete a Keeping Children Safe orientation in relation to policies and procedures regarding the protection of children from abuse.
Girl Guides Queensland is committed to creating child-safe environments that promote learning and enjoyment. The organisation strives to provide services and activities where children and young people:
  • feel safe and are protected from harm
  • have a say in planning activities and other decisions affecting them
  • are listened to
  • are respected
  • have their best interests considered and upheld
All Girl Guides Queensland Leaders complete a Keeping Children Safe orientation in relation to policies and procedures regarding the protection of children from abuse.

website Keeping Children Safe Policy

website Public Safety Business Agency - Girl Guides Queensland complies with the Youth Worker requirements of PSBA

Girl Guides Queensland is an autonomous organisation which manages its affairs based on the Guides Queensland Constitution with accepted practices and policies set out in Girl Guides Australia's Guide Lines. Guide Lines details the requirements of the organisation and incorporates the policy and rules of Girl Guides Australia and WAGGGS.
The Girl Guides Queensland Policy and Procedures outlines the policies and procedures for Girl Guides Queensland. This document should be read in conjunction with Guide Lines.
The Girl Guides Queensland Board directs the general policy of the Association, providing vision and policy decisions.

website Girl Guides Queensland Annual Reports

website Girl Guides Queensland 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes

website Girl Guides Queensland Constitution August 2016

website Girl Guides Queensland Policy and Procedures

website Girl Guides Queensland Board Charter
website Girl Guides Australia Guide Lines
- for Girl Guides and Girl Guide Volunteers

Velia Nicholls 
The State Commissioner of Girl Guides Queensland

My Journey in Girl Guides: My entry into the amazing world of Guiding commenced in 2005 when I was asked to assist the Board as Chair of the Working Together Project. This was an enormous project targeting Volunteer roles, responsibilities, State Office structure and other associated work. I worked with the various Boards (2005-2010) to bring about the much-needed change.Some of that previous work, I am pleased to say, is still in place. 
In 2009, by Kindilan’s Lake Lowana, I made my Guide Promise. My commitment since that moment has only strengthened. I believe that has been demonstrated through every piece of work I have undertaken. I live the Promise and Law in my daily life.

I have willingly supported the work that will ensure an increasing number of girls can enjoy the benefits that being part of the Girl Guiding family can bring.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the times I have assisted Leaders at a local level. Whether it was working with local Managers - Dorami Keyt in her Unit (7-9 year olds) or with Region Manager Peggy Campbell and her Leaders on improving their communication skills, or presenting a session at the National Trainer’s Conference - I just love it! I feel very blessed to have developed a circle of mentors at grass roots level of Guiding. These are highly regarded Guides (local, national and international) who have held senior leadership positions in the Asia Pacific Region and WAGGGS, including Chief and State Commissioners.

Girl Guides Queensland Experience: From 2005 to 2010, I willingly took on various tasks and projects both at State and National levels. I developed the utmost respect and passion for all that Girl Guides stands for and achieves.
Girls Celebrate will always be a heartfelt and memorable experience for me! I just loved being part of such a significant event. I still smile as I remember the hundreds of young Guides having so much fun, hearing their unrestrained laughter and watching the sheer delight of the Leaders as all their hard work and efforts were enjoyed repeatedly.
A true example of the Guiding Spirit in action! There were four standouts for me:
1. The astonishing diversity of challenges and events
2. The tremendous effort by all Guiding Leaders to ensure the Centenary Event’s success
3. The approach to risk and compliance, health and safety to ensure everyone was safe
4. The overwhelming Guiding spirit of camaraderie and friendship.
I remember wishing that the world, for just one small moment in time, could experience Guiding in action. But most of all, to see what it can achieve!

Community Experience Outside of Girl Guides: My advocacy for youth began when I was 14 years old. I have always been distressed by the thought that there are children who have never experienced unconditional love or a sense of belonging. In Year 9, I recruited a number of my friends to work together to create Christmas gifts for the children in a local orphanage. It was an extremely emotional but a very rewarding experience. I will never forget those faces as our time together came to an end. This service has had a lifelong impact on my life. Little did I know I was already living the ethos of Guiding – ‘Service to Others’.

In 1980, I became a Member of the Balmoral Uniting Church Community Centre (BUCC). That was the real beginning of my journey into the not-for-profit sector and community support. I learned so much as I worked beside the Director who eventually became my mentor. I commenced an evening program for Mums (1981- 2002).  I am pleased to say this was hugely successful. I secured sponsorship and regular guest speakers. In 1982, I was invited to become a Member of the BUCC Board, which I considered a huge honour. I was on the Board for ten years. During that time I was also invited by the Moreton Region of Blue Nursing (currently Blue Care) to be a Member of their Board, a role I undertook for two years.
My personal belief is that everyone has spare capacity to help another. Our family values include teaching our children that being aware of the space around you is important. For me, it doesn’t take much effort to hold a hand out to another, to offer support or a listening ear and sometimes more. I have been privileged to support teenage girls and women who have experienced horrific childhoods. My primary focus and commitment has always been to girls and women.

Business Experience Outside of Girl Guides:I believe the skills I have developed in many years of diversified leadership experience and working with teams will be useful in providing the critical qualities of strength, cohesiveness, development, networking and communication required for this role. In both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors, I have managed and implemented many change management processes, assisted Boards and leadership teams to successfully navigate their way through the cultural and political issues to arrive at an informed decision. I have helped organisations develop more effective structures and practical strategic and operational plans. I believe this background will prove advantageous in this role.
I am working very hard to provide leadership while working with the GGQ Board, Management team and Advisory committees to help build on the work already commenced to achieve a strong unified and stable organisation with clear goals. Over the years, I have developed strong networking circles. I am looking to them to assist us with their skills.

National Experience: My role as Acting General Manager at GGA (2011 – 2012) provided me with significant understanding of the strategic vision of GGA and the commitment and work required by each of the individual State Members as we strive to achieve a more unified organisation. My business background enabled me to confidently input into the strategic planning and my Guiding knowledge (albeit limited) allowed me to ensure the planning was practical and able to be undertaken by our Volunteer resources. I take great pride in what I was able to achieve in that role over 18 months.

The results could only be achieved because of the respectful and trusting relationships developed with Board Members, National Volunteer Managers and the State Executive Officers. Sadly, when I took up the position, there was very little trust in any work produced by the National Office. The building of solid relationships was a key factor in problem solving and moving forward positively. One of the benefits of this role was the development of the strong networks at national level. I know they would assist us in any way they could, sharing their lessons and experiences.
This experience also provided me with invaluable knowledge of Guiding both nationally and at state level. I have developed strong relationships with current Members of the GGA Board, and a number of national partners. I believe this background will prove invaluable to GGQ. I felt honoured to receive the prestigious Asia Pacific Award in recognition of my contribution to both GGA and GGQ in 2013.

Conclusion and Statement of Vision: I see GGQ as having the potential for being of enormous significance to girls and women throughout Queensland. We are a significant State with the third largest number of Members. We have an opportunity over the next three years to help shape the next stage of Guiding both in Queensland and in Australia. For our voice to be heard, GGQ needs to reflect a strong unified State, clear on its direction and goals. Then we can knowingly participate and contribute to the setting of national strategy.
Our Volunteers have an amazing breadth and depth of skills in core Guiding knowledge, leadership, management and more. I believe once we have set the direction, we can tap into these key people and ask for their support and commitment to rebuild our State. But first, we have to build trust and then work on the roles and responsibilities to achieve stability in governance and management to benefit all Members.
For me, it is a layering process. The base work must be done before the organisation can function effectively. It is the responsibility of the governing bodies (State Council and Board) to ensure the foundation is in place. Then the direction can be rolled out across the State bringing cohesion and skills together to achieve the desired outcomes. As the important elements of trust and respect grow, so will commitment and accountability.
I believe in transparency! I believe in integrity! I believe in teamwork! I work well either as a member of a team or as the leader of the team. As an experienced leader in business and the not-for-profit sector, the skills I have learned in leadership development, organisational restructure, people management, governance, strategic development and business planning in both operational and finance have enabled me to successfully undertake major national projects. In particular, my communication, influencing and negotiation skills have benefited greatly from my Guiding experience. I have learned many lessons working with Guiding Volunteers regarding the skills required to influence and bring people on the journey of change.
I see the role of the State Commissioner for GGQ as a team based leadership role. All Members benefit from shared leadership. In my recent national role, I kept the GGA Board fully informed of all my work. All decisions were brought before the Board for approval. I believe in accountability. I expect the GGQ Board to hold me accountable.
As the State Commissioner for Queensland, I offer an experienced leader in both business and not for profit sectors, who operates from a base of honesty, resilience and integrity. My leadership approach is centered on values and respectful practices. I have always and will continue to encourage all girls and women to believe in themselves and their own ability to achieve, whilst respecting the rights of others.
Yours in Guiding

Velia Nicholls signature

Mrs Kaye de Jersey
The Patron of Girl Guides Queensland

Mrs Kaye de Jersey, wife of the Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC.
Girl Guides Queensland appreciates her support of Guiding and her commitment to developing the youth in Queensland to be the leaders of tomorrow.


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