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Cost and Uniform

Girls can visit their chosen Unit for a trial of up to four weeks. This may vary Unit to Unit. After the initial trial, you will be required to pay membership and other fees. When a girl is ready to make her Promise she will be asked to purchase a uniform.

For details and for costs of uniform items visit Guide Supplies online or download the Girl Guides Australia Uniform Information booklet.

How much does Guiding cost?

Girl Guides Queensland has an annual membership fee which includes insurance. The 2013 membership fees are listed below. 

‘Subs’ cover Unit activities and equipment. Subs of up to $5.00 per week are collected weekly or by the term, and can vary from Unit to Unit.

Events such as camps and outings are extra. Leaders usually advise of these events early to allow you to budget for them. An average outdoor camp starts at around $30.00 for a weekend.

The District Support Group/District Support Team may charge a levy to assist with maintenance costs and may reduce the amount of fundraising required.

Guides may also do fundraising activities at times to help with these costs.

Leader's membership and uniform costs may be paid for in part by the District. Contact the District Leader for more details.

Membership Fees

Updated 01 July 2013

Annual membership fees for Girl Guides Queensland (from 1 July 2013)

Membership Type Annual Fee
Youth (1st year) $145.00
Youth Renewal $120.00
2nd Daughter (1st year) $145.00
2nd Daughter Renewal $120.00
3rd Daughter Renewal $65.00
4th or more daughters Renewal nil
Adult (1st year) $145.00
Adult Renewal $120.00
Lones and Nowra Region Members (1st year) $125.00
Lones and Nowra Region Members Renewal $100.00
Girl Guides Queensland Supporter $70.00
Life Membership $1150.00
Support Group/DST $185.00
Trefoil Guild Members $50.00
Queensland on the Go Subscription
(included with adult memberships)


The Guide Uniform

A Uniform is worn by members to create a sense of unity and to identify them as Guides.

The current uniform was launched by Girl Guides Australia in February 2010 and gives a modern image to Guides all over Australia. It is the result of feedback received from thousands of Guides.

The Guide uniform includes: polo shirts, a blue shirt (for teens) or a striped shirt (for adults). These are to be worn with navy bottoms. Footwear is sneakers, closed-in shoes or sandals, as appropriate.

Youth members also wear a sash which displays badges they have achieved.

Other optional items available include jackets, hoodies, hats and bags.

For more details and for costs of uniform items visit Guide Supplies in store or online or visit the Girl Guides Australia website to download the Uniform Information booklet.

Many Districts maintain a second hand uniform pool.

rang of Guide uniforms


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