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Our programs include a huge range of centre based adventure activities, along with more specialised sea kayaking (Moreton Island), cycling, walking expeditions (on and off site) with Commercial Permits from Department of Natural Resources.
Kindilan OECC has the capacity to run programs for over 300 people at any one time on our 220 acre property with 190 beds in accommodation and camping gear for over 210 people in our lovely campsites. We proudly provide outdoor education programs for youth to over 9,000 visitors, both on and off site.


  • We have programs from Prep to Year 12. Our service duration extends from day programs to week long programs.
  • For Junior Year levels we have exceptional programs that are themed (e.g 'Goanna Gang' style), 'Bush Appreciation' and 'Discovery' programs.
  • For Middle School we have a range of more adventurous packages including 'Personal Development',' Leadership' and 'Teambuilding' programs, along with introductory expedition, cycling and camping packages.
  • For Senior school we have 'Future Leaders' program and an extension of all programs that include journey based expeditions and self directed learning programs. 
  • We also have specialised programs for behaviour management, special needs, CALD and staff teambuilding days.

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